Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Journey has Begun for A Soul To Be Forgiven

I've read many other blog posts from other authors who have attended the San Diego State Writers Conference in the past - many who gained representation by literary agents as a result. As soon as I found out about the conference I knew I needed to attend - the format of the conference is such that you get actual face-time with agents and editors and can request advance readings of your manuscript. From what other participants have written, this is truly a unique setting - in other situations agents & editors are often unapproachable, except during their scheduled time. But at this conference, the agents & editors not only are approachable at other times during the conference, but they actually encourage it - they often seek out authors to talk to them about their work. So this morning, as part of my registration, I've emailed the first ten pages of A Soul To Be Forgiven to SDSU for the three appointments with agents that I've requested. I'm a little nervous, but very excited!