Sunday, September 5, 2010

Latest Reactions from Readers...

Jennifer Johnson had this to say via email:

I got the book and I stayed up late last night and finished it! Cat's story is SO compelling. I considered stopping half way through, but I just had to know how things turned out for her. Her strength is inspiring. Thank goodness I don't share the attack with Cat, but we've all been through hard times and come out on the other side and I just found a lot I could relate to. Loved, loved, loved her friendship with Madeline and of course Alan. Also found comfort in knowing that Sam would be OK.

Lisa Granskie posted this on Facebook:

"It's very good!! Can't wait for the sequel.  Someone should make that into a movie!!"

Thanks Jennifer and Lisa - so glad you liked it! Hearing your feedback almost makes me want to do a cartwheel ... I say "almost" because unlike the girl in the photo, I'm afraid my own attempt at doing a cartwheel would probably be quite tragic ... lol

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