Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trust Your "Gut"

How many times have you gotten that sinking feeling in your stomach right before you were about to do something or say something ... that feeling where deep down you knew you probably shouldn't do it (or say it) but you did anyway ... And how many times did you regret not listening to the warning from that "still small voice within"? I would be willing to bet that it was most of the time. I know for myself, without fail, every time I have ignored that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach, or that thought in my head "I probably shouldn't do this" I have always regretted it. You can call it whatever you like - Intuition, Divine Guidance, A Higher Power, God ... but whatever you call it, it is a humble voice... it doesn't clammer loudly to be heard ... it very quietly bids for our attention, almost like a shy child tugging on our pant leg trying to get us to listen. It is often so subtle that it can be easy to ignore.  But if Catherine in A Soul Less Broken had listened to her own intuition, she could have saved herself from a brutal attack. The key for all of us, is to get more in tune with our own inner guidance and to listen to it rather than ignore it. Because unlike our own "well laid plans" our inner guidance always has our highest and best interest at heart. Getting in tune is actually simple and easy to do with daily meditation or prayer. You don't have to spend hours in meditation or reflection with God ... just take a few minutes to say "I'm ready to listen" and then start paying attention ... especially when you get that hollow feeling in the bottom of your stomach - it doesn't always mean that you need some Pepto-Bismal - sometimes it means you just need to listen.

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