Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Necklace

When you read A Soul Less Broken you'll understand the significance of the necklace that appears on the cover. In the meantime, here is some fun trivia about how it came to be. When I wrote that passage in the book I had a very specific image in my mind of what the necklace would look like. And lo and behold, one day online I actually found it. When I stumbled across the necklace I couldn't believe my eyes - it looked exactly how I had imagined it. Seeing it was a little bit eerie actually.

Since I firmly believe that there is no such thing as "coincidence" and that it must be divine intervention, I immediately purchased the necklace. When I received it I sent a picture to my son to use when he designed the cover for the book. It was just meant to be! The necklace was created by a very nice woman with a business designing jewelry. Thanks Raquel!

The necklace comes in gold or silver and if you're interested in purchasing one or checking out her other items you can visit her site by clicking here.


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Unknown said...

I love the cover for "A Soul Less Broken"! My husband was even impressed with it, and trust me, he's not easily impressed!